What is SOFO?

Product sourcing platform
for online sellers.

Studies have shown that consumers have slowly but steadily become accustomed to shopping “online”. The recent pandemic has accelerated this as we saw the total number of online sellers grow to at least a million over the past year.

This rapid sudden accelerated migration to online platforms is not without challenges. Since inspecting products physically is getting virtually impossible, businesses didn’t have a choice but to source products online. As business owners ourselves, we understand this plight and that’s where SOFO serves your business. In essence, SOFO is a video-based app for B2B online sellers and micro-factories.

Small micro-factories can list their products, inventories, catalogs, etc. in the video form on the SOFO app. It's convenient for online sellers to check products in the form of videos and choose the best supplier. Both the parties can communicate through inbuilt chat features available in the SOFO app. In a world where whoever has data has the power, SOFO is a revolutionary platform in providing other important tools like data analytics, product catalog images, SEO product description content, and morewhich are crucial for success and making online selling more manageable and convenient.

How it Works

SOFO App Features

SOFO App is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. This is a no-frills platform where you will see everything you need at one glance or with a click of a button. This platform houses a ton of features without missing important features required for online sellers.


User-friendly UI/UX Minimalistic design

The user interface is designed to be easily accessible by any person whether or not you’re tech-savvy.


Highly Scalable Target Global Sellers

The app will partner with hundreds of micro-factories. This is consistent with our goal of being a global platform able to serve B2B online sellers throughout the world.


Zero Commission Direct communication

Buyers and suppliers can freely communicate, and close the deal directly through our chat platform without being charged astronomical commission fees for every transaction or deal completed.

Online Sellers

State of Online Sellers

The sudden increase in online shoppers due to COVID-19 and home quarantine is incentive enough for others to transition to online selling. This means this industry is getting more competitive by the minute.


As the number of online sellers rises, so does the competition on ecommerce marketplaces. To survive and to stay a step ahead of your competition, online sellers need to be smart and strategic .


New online sellers need help to jumpstart and make the initial process of starting a business easier and more convenient. It’s normal for new online sellers to find it difficult to choose the best product category that can give them maximum profits with the least risk. SOFO makes this process easier for you.


When choosing a product to sell, online sellers need product catalog images, product description content, keywords, and more to list the products in a better way. SOFO app will provide these services in the Premium package.


When you’re starting or even if you’ve been in business long enough but not yet on a scale where you can order bulk orders, sourcing small orders is challenging. Our edge is that we help you source products in small quantities.

Micro Factories

State of Micro Factories

Similar to online sellers, the pandemic highlighted the wide discrepancy between large multinational corporations and micro-factories. The stark difference in capitalization often puts the latter in a tough, often impossible position to fight on the same level with the former. However, with SOFO, we are prioritizing micro-factories to reach their intended markets. By helping these micro-factories, we’re giving online sellers another avenue to source their product and this makes the whole enterprise more sustainable.

  • Micro-factories specialize in fulfilling orders even in small quantities. This is perfect for online sellers who are just getting started or don’t have the capacity to order in large, bulk orders yet.
  • We created SOFO because we realized that there is no dedicated platform for micro-factories that they can exploit to avoid competition from large suppliers. SOFO app is exclusively for micro-factories.
  • Micro-factories are the backbone of the country's economy but they are often neglected and unsupported. They need advanced software tools for lead generation and catalog distribution. The SOFO app provides them these tools.
  • Micro-factories are willing to provide customization in small quantity orders. This creates a unique opportunity for new sellers or small businesses to create new brand labels in online marketplaces. Once they have the necessary following, they can easily scale their business.

Token Sale

Find out how token distribution will be done in each round of the sale.

Seed Round
25 March 2021
0.006 USDT Target $24K Finished
Public Sale
0.015 USDT Target $300K Upcoming
Join Our
Public Sale List
Public Sale Start on TBD
Token Symbol SOFO
Token Sale Start 25 March 2021
Token Sale End TBD
Tokens for sale 34,000,000
Specifications BSC Token
Max circulating supply 100,000,000
Tokens for public 34%

Token Allocation

6% Airdrop/Staking
10% Ecosystem
12% Liquidity & Exchange
14% Team & Advisor
14% Marketing & partnership
10% Reserve
34% Token Sale

Operating Allocation

13% Admin & Ops
17% Legal & Advisory
25% Marketing & Sales
45% Business Dev & Ops
Download Documents

Read Our Documents

Whether you are in a hurry, or ready to dive deeper, here is our full documents that help you to understand about us.

Privacy Policy

Road Map

To find out what’s in store for SOFO, follow our product roadmap for the upcoming couple of years. Our team is committed to exert all efforts to achieve each the milestones within the published deadline.

2020 Q4 Concept
  • Concept Generation
  • User Survey
2021 Q1 Research
  • Concept validation
  • Strategic Plan
  • White paper completion
2021 Q1 Design
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Building the MVP
  • Seed round sale
2021 Q2 MVP development
  • Social media campaign
  • Website launch
2021 Q3 Token Generation
  • Smart contract auditing
  • Distribution of SOFO tokens
  • DEX listing
2021 Q3 App Beta Test
  • Private closed beta
  • Staking rewards
  • CEX listing
2021 Q3 User onboarding
  • Public launch of app
  • Testing of premium features for paid users
2021 Q4 Token Burning
  • Start of token burning
  • Development of premium features
2022 Q1 Community Expansion
  • Host online trade fair
  • Marketing campaigns

Executive team

The SOFO team is a perfect blend of people passionate about ecommerce, improving user and client experience with the necessary technical expertise, and proven record in ecommerce, technology, marketing, and customer service. Meet our amazing team leaders below:

Azmat Sahaf
Cofounder & CEO

He has a track record of building online ecommerce businesses with exposure to B2B clients.

Shibli Ezaan
Cofounder & CMO

He is a marketing genius who catapulted his previous app to 1M downloads on Playstore.


Yatin Garg
Director of Growth, Cashkaro

Experience in setting up & scaling startups. Good understanding of E-commerce and Internet businesses

Pranav Burnwal
CTO & Co-founder, Edufied

Blockchain: Consultant/ Architect/ Strategist/ Early Adopter | Community Builder & Trainer

Bijender Sharma
Legal Advisor

Experienced in the legal aspects of Blockchain and Crypto industry since 2016 | Angel Investor

Yash Sharma
Solutions Architect
Bank of America

18 yrs of experience in software engineering, started working on Blockchain since 2014.


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Frequently asked questions

If you still have more questions, below are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is SOFO?

SOFO is a B2B video app made for online sellers and microfactories. The primary goal of SOFO is to provide a platform where the buying and selling of goods happen in a much better way. Aside from seeing what the actual products look like (including exact specifications), the SOFO app provides the data and analytics tools, photography catalogues, and more to increase the sales of online sellers.

The team members behind the SOFO project are highly experienced in E-commerce industry since 2013. They’re battle-hardened engineers with experience in building software platforms for ecommerce users, business clients, wholesalers, resellers, and others. Their extensive background helped them develop a robust experience in software, marketing, customer service, e-commerce, B2B etc.

The SOFO app is built for two parties- Online sellers who sell products on e-commerce marketplaces, and Micro-factories who have small manufacturing units. Building a platform for these two parties will enable us to hit two birds with one stone -help small businesses getting their orders fulfilled and creating a market for micro-factories who are often bypassed in lieu of bigger factories.

SOFO app’s goal is to be the marketplace of choice for online sellers to source products from microfactories and sell them in online marketplaces. Microfactories will post videos of their products and workplace on SOFO app to generate leads and online sellers can just browse through the products and submit their orders.

We’re starting in India but we'll expand to other countries in Asia, Europe, and Americas..

What is SOFO Token Sales?

Token sales are considered one of the ways to generate funding. We are raising funds so that we’ll have the necessary resources and equipment to achieve the items in our roadmap faster. This sale is also to ensure wide distribution of SOFO tokens in the public.

The sale is scheduled in 2 rounds. The first phase is the seed round to be held in the last week of March 2021. The second phase is called public sale, scheduled August 2021.

The seed round is only for accredited investors. The public sale is open for all, except from the restricted countries where local laws prohibit participating in token sales. Since anyone can invest, those investing in our sale should understand the risks of a crypto project. We have also set limits for investment in different rounds.

There are 2 stages in this sale. Seed round and Public sale.

The price of token is different in different rounds of the sales. It is set so as to reward the early investors. The price of token in different rounds are as follows: Seed round- $0.006, and Public sale- $0.015

To know more about our token sales and how you can take part in it, contact our token sales team at We will be announcing the details of the public sale, so kindly wait for the announcement in our community forums.

You can purchase our tokens with BNB in the public sale.

What type of token is SOFO?

SOFO is a utility token built on BSC chain for the SOFO ecosystem. It is a BEP20 standard token.

Initially, SOFO token will be used as a payment mode for using any services in the SOFO app. Once we see a growth in the user base of SOFO app, then we will be using the SOFO token to provide access to global credit to our community. You can look forward to a day when the SOFO token will be used in a lot of utilities in the SOFO ecosystem.

The maximum supply of SOFO is 100,000,000 tokens.

For each and every usage of services in the SOFO app, SOFO tokens will be charged. Out of which, 20% of the collected tokens will be burned forever. With more users and more usage of SOFO platform, this burnt tokens amount could be a bigger percentage of circulating supply leading towards the scarcity of SOFO tokens.


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